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Newborn Photography

Newborn photography can be the most challenging of all sessions but has proven to be some of the most rewarding sessions that we do. We strive to capture as much of that newborn innocence as possible.

As soon as you know you will be wanting newborn photography, call me and we’ll get you scheduled close to when you expect delivery. Babies come in their own time…..usually not when you have planned it. I have to keep my schedule somewhat flexible so we are able to photograph your newborn when the time is right.

The window for a newborn session is relatively short. Babies sleep more and are more easily molded into position when they are 2-3 weeks old. In the first couple of weeks of life your baby will sleep most of the time. If you are wanting to wait until 3, 4, 5 weeks we can still photograph your baby but sometimes the sessions can be longer.

The baby is in charge of what we do. I do ask that parents put aside 2 hours, just in case we need it. I will only schedule one baby in the AM or one baby in the PM. We do not want moms to be nervous about anything. I know it seems like a long time but your baby will determine the pace. If we need to feed, change, rock, sing… we do it!   And if we finish sooner than expected, then we are all happy!

We are prepared for everything. No worries. We will make sure you have everything you need if we take the baby’s clothes off. I tell the parents to come with an extra set of clothes, too! We usually have an accident when the baby has a full belly and is content and asleep! Be prepared with clothes, diapers, pacifiers.. whatever makes the baby happy.

Patience! Patience! Patience! We tell our moms to come prepared to sit on the floor and talk while we get the baby to sleep. The receipt for this is:  a little time with a sprinkle of patience and love.

We own most of the props you see but love it when a client has an idea!  I have the coolest clients! One of my clients knits the hats for me. Her husband creates my props! I am so lucky to have talented friends!

One of our clients’ favorite thing is the Little Smiles Baby Parts Collage. Don’t worry if you missed this “window” for newborns. We can do this at all stages of baby’s first year.