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Capturing Life as Art…. documenting today as it quickly becomes yesterday!

It’s all about the little things!  Photography is the whole experience — not just the final print, book or wall portrait.  Every image has a story that goes with it and it’s those smiles and giggles and “ah ha” moments we create together that makes the difference. My goal is to capture just that — the warm feeling that washes over you and makes you smile every time you see that final print.

Every session is unique — we custom design each session with you!   We want you to relax and have fun. Sessions are scheduled so that we are able to take whatever time it takes to make children happy and comfortable. Without patience we would not be able to capture who you are — what makes you unique and special.

We will design the session together. I always ask my clients to tell me what they want from the session. As a start, I will work with your ideas, I will tell you mine and together we’ll create something different and unique just for you.

Each session is designed before we begin. Therefore, it’s very important to have a consultation so that I can capture your life in a way that makes you happy. No matter the age, all sessions are designed around a background/landscape incorporating clothes and age appropriate photography.

About the artist

Patten Dew is a former elementary school art teacher with a BA in Art Education K-12.  During her teaching years, she had a wealth of experience working with and being patient with children.  She is also a mother of three children of her own.  While her children were young, Patten was home with them and was president of the PTA, staying very involved in their lives as they grew.

From the time they were young, Patten was the “gal with the camera” capturing every birthday, adventure and holiday.  As a natural evolution, she was asked by friends and family to photograph for them which gave her the opportunity to hone her skills professionally.  Through time, classes and the love of photography, Patten learned to see the world and to tell the stories around her through the lens of her camera.

Patten is a member of the PPSC (Professional Photographers of South Carolina) and spends time developing her professional skills through classes, workshops and meetings with other photographers.